Saturday, March 08, 2014
I get questions frequently about which supplements i take, which protein is best, what i take before and after work outs etc.
While i understand that some people are just genuinely curious i don't want anyone to think any supplement or powder is a substitute for exercising and eating right! You simply can't beat it.

So here's the scoop...

Pre Work Out
Before working out i use the Vega Sport Energizer in the lemon lime flavor. I prefer the sugar-free one (i don't think i've ever said that in my life before) which is sweetened with stevia.
Taking this before a spinning class makes me push myself harder, sweat more and i can focus on pushing myself rather than watching the clock and waiting for it to be over. It also works well before weights sessions!

Post Work Out
After working out i have a Vega Sport Performance Protein shake with half soy milk, half water. I prefer chocolate but Adam has vanilla and both taste just like a milkshake! With 25g protein per scoop you're sure to get the building blocks your muscles need. 
If i'm feeling particularly sore i will have two a day but usually one after working out is all i need.

As and when
Whenever i'm feeling low and need a boost or like i might be getting sick, i start taking Vega One shakes. They pack 50% of your RDA of vitamins and minerals, 15g protein, 6g fibre (work your way up to a full scoop of this or you'll become a pooping machine instantly), omega 3s, antioxidants, probiotics and greens. I took this religiously when recovering from a severe GI infection and it really helped to restore my tummy's balance. Take it every day or as you feel you need it.

Tea time
We've all seen the teas that claim to make you lose 50lb in 5 minutes but truly i don't care enough about that to pay attention. I like drinking Your Tea's Tiny Tea because, well firstly it tastes good, but mainly because i feel as though it just makes me digestive system work more efficiently. I don't experience any bloating or discomfort, my weight stabilizes and my skin clears up. All in all i just find it very nourishing, and with a blend of chinese herbs, that really is their goal!
I aim to take it 30 min prior to meals but i also just drink it whenever i remember as long as its not with food.

So thats about it for supplements and the like. Occasionally i take a multivitamin if i'm not eating as well or feel really run down but i really prefer to get all my nutrients from food! Plants are your best friend!


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