IT Cosmetics Brushes

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

IT Cosmetics brushes are quickly becoming some of my favorites, not only are they synthetic but they are incredible quality. 


I've only mentioned this about 500 times but its probably worth mentioning again.
If i could only have one makeup brush for the rest of my life, this would be it!

Generally i use this for cream/liquid foundation, concealing and contouring. I've also used this for powdering the face any even doing my eyeshadow. You can do a full face of makeup with this brush no problem.

Originally i bought this as a travel brush but i use it every day and would recommend it to anyone!

Many companies have flat top kabukis now but this is one of my favorites because its density is equal to its softness, making this much easier to use on a variety of products and also to clean!

Some kabukis can be too dense and stiff and don't work as well on lighter coverage products but this is a great all-rounder.

Jumbo might actually be an understatement on this one... this thing is gargantuan! 
I like this one to set my makeup with a setting powder, because of its size and softness i'm able to gently set my face in just a couple of swipes. 

This is by far my favorite brush to use for blush, from the size and shape to the softness of the hairs, its just perfect.
If you're having trouble getting your blush to blend well this one really makes easy work of it.

This brush is perfect for bronzing, blush and illuminating but truly makes a great all rounder. 
It picks up just the right amount of product and makes blending it really easy. The shape means you can use it fairly precisely for bronzing/contour and also works well to set makeup in smaller areas like under the eyes.

For powder foundation i LOVE this brush, it picks up a lot of product and the size makes for easy blending. Its the perfect shape for a quick powder application.

For travel eye makeup this is all i bring with me. 
The top, fluffier end is like a flat blending brush so works well for both packing on color and blending it out in the crease. The small end is great for smudging around the lash line or for precise highlight application.

For those who love using gel liner, this one is great!
The flat, angled side has a unique shape that allows you to get in amongst the lashes and also works well for brows. The other end is like a more traditional liner brush and works well for both upper lash line and also tight-lining.

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