Fashion Friday- A lil laundry tip

Friday, July 11, 2014

If you own any studded clothing you know how frustrating it is when you lose studs, usually in the washing machine. One way i've found to combat that is to wash my studded shorts in a lingerie laundry bag. It keeps them somewhat protected and stops them catching on other clothing. It also retains any studs that might come off in the wash.

Alternatively you could wash them in a pillow case but just make sure you fold it in on itself (envelope pillow case style) so the clothing can't escape in the wash. 

You reeeaaally should also use these tricks on any nice underwear you have that you don't want to destroy in the wash/ are too lazy to hand wash.

The shorts were made by Alexi.
You can find a huge range of laundry bags at The Container Store.


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