Furrr real or faux real.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014
If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen a faux fur rug or two in my selfies, and lately i've been getting a lot of questions on either where to get them or people asking why i'm such an awful person as to have a cow pelt in my house.

Firstly, its antelope and secondly its faux; heres where you can find them...

Fabulous Furs carry an awesome range of faux fur clothing and home goods, they're not cheap by any means but the quality is incredible and i've had mine for years now with little to no wear showing.

Along with being accused of lying about it being fake (hello? i'm honest about having leather items previously bought, why would i lie about this?), i've also been slated for even wanting a faux version. While i can almost understand the issue, i can't help but feel that anyone truly interested in saving animals and not just starting arguments online probably realizes they have bigger fish to fry in the quest for a cruelty free world. 

People do have leather and fur and sadly that is how the world currently works, personally i think its more beneficial to show people alternatives than to expect them to not appreciate a certain aesthetic thats been around for centuries (or just want a nice rug) and i'd rather support companies that go out of their way to create cruelty free options. 

So for those who still think i'm awful for having faux or hate the look, thats fine cause its not in your house my dears... but for those who do want alternatives, here you go!

They also have a line of faux fur throws that are beautifully heavy and well made; perfect for the winter months.

If cushions are more your thing, they also have a huge selection of colors and sizes to compliment any decor.

Restoration Hardware also have a huge range of faux fur if you'd rather buy from somewhere you can try them in store. They have everything from slippers to bean bags, pillows to hot water bottles and much more.

Granted these are all pricier options so even if you just use these companies to take inspiration from and find a cheaper option on amazon or target, i felt it was worth sharing.


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