Closet Decor Essentials- Part 2 Lovely Lucite

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I know i've probably mentioned acrylic storage at least 1 billion times but hey, i'm gonna do it again.
I LOVE this type of storage for makeup because it goes with anything and showcases all of your beautiful products!

These are some of the beauty organizers/storage i personally own.

The Clear Cube

Now these bad boys are EXPENSIVE but at the time i bought them, they were literally the only option. Now, several years on, there are much more affordable versions to put your makeup in!

Nail Polish Tiered Display

I used to keep my polishes in a box and had to rifle through them to find anything... or just not bother and end up not using some awesome polishes. Anyway... because of that, i wanted something to display them on that would also go with the rest of the room.

Muji Drawers

Quite the cult item, muji drawers are a great, more reasonably priced way of storing your makeup, brushes or anything else you fancy! There are lots of different styles to check their website for more info!

Bless you

Not truly storage i guess, but this tissue box case is just so cute- unlike most tissue boxes!

by Alegory

These makeup organizers are so beautiful and well made, they come in lots of different colors, including clear, but i went for white!

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  1. I've wanted by Alegory for some time now, but can't justify spending the money, I just end up cleaning out the glass from my candles, and store my lip products in there. The B&BW large ones. I don't have a lot of lip products to begin with, but it's definitely saving me money. I want to get the Muji Organizer, I have a plastic holder from Walmart right now and I hate the way it closes, Plus, it's super boulky and all around just not what I want. Eventually I'll splurge and get an acrylic container.