Dollar Shave Club

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If you're anything like me, the thought of going to Walmart or the drug store just fills you with nope. Thats why a razor delivery service seemed like it might be right up my alley.

I subscribed to the Dollar Shave Club a few weeks ago and i'm so pumped that i did and now forgetting to buy new heads is a thing of the past.

So essentially how it works is that you pick which razor you'd like (2, 4 or 6 blades at $1, $6 or $9 respectively), and they'll then send out your first razor complete with 4 heads, then every month you'll get sent another 4 heads.

I went for the 4 blade razor at $6 a month. Just for a price comparison, to buy a similar razor at the drug store is $10+ and a pack of 4 heads is $10+ . Thats a pretty good saving for a razor that is exactly the same, it just comes without the big brand name!

You can also buy extra heads if needed along with other lotions and potions, some of which are vegan (post shave moisturizer and miracle repair serum) and all of which are cruelty free.

Anyway, just thought i'd share something so simple that can make things a little more convenient and cheaper.


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  1. This is super awesome. I'm not really shaving much right now, winter is bear season. Lol. But once the weather gets warm, will definitely do this!