My quest is over...

Friday, July 17, 2015

I hate to sound over-dramatic but i can officially die happy now i've found my ultimate dupe.

The process of switching over to vegan makeup was pretty smooth sailing but there was one product that i could never find a replacement for. Knowing this, i kept the remainder of the Bare Minerals "well rested" concealer i had so that i could compare products to it until i found it's vegan counterpart.

The thing i loved about the BM concealer was the finish, it wasn't quite matte but it also wasn't really satin either and i loved it for the under-eye area. The products i compared it to were always either the wrong color, didn't provide enough coverage or ended up very cakey. Until, that is, i found the Lily Lolo mineral concealer.

Lets get the stats out of the way first...

Bare Minerals concealer- 2g of product for $19

Lily Lolo concealer- 5g of product for $18

The Lily Lolo concealer comes in 4 shades and the one i guessed might work for me was "barely beige". They have awesome color guides on their website which i always appreciate, their concealer one is here and their foundation one is here.

Although "barely beige" is a little lighter and less yellow than "well rested", it gives the same flawless effect only better!

Lily Lolo's concealer doesn't have the same sheen the BM one does but i still prefer it overall and think it gives a much less heavily "made up" look while still providing the same awesome coverage. It doesn't have the same tendency to crease as the BM one and looks just like (hate to say it) very well-rested skin.

While the color is a little lighter (that could totally be remedied by getting the next shade up), the only other thing the Lily Lolo concealer lacks is the SPF20 of the BM one has. For me, this isn't an issue since i always apply SPF underneath my makeup anyway.

I'll definitely be using it in up-coming tutorials so keep an eye out for that!

Share any of your favorite vegan dupes below :)


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