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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

An incredible natural beauty e-store sent me some products to try- watch me fall in love!

The first products i tested out during a little at-home facial were the Eye Vitalizing Serum and Amend Serum from Blissoma as well as the Caru Toner Mist.

On first inspection i was a little concerned about the color of the eye serum and wondered if it would stain my skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it didn't AND i found the orange tones in the red brick color seemed to relieve some undereye darkness right away. 

It sunk in fast and left the skin around my eyes feeling very hydrated without any residue so i imagine it would be ideal for under makeup. 

The only product i could think of to compare it to would be the Origins GinZing Eye Cream but this serum is more gentle, for me at least. The serum contains too many good things to list here so check here for more info and full ingredients list.

On to the Toner Mist (i'm just going in the order of application), can i just mention how much i adore their packaging again? Wow. 

One thing that surprised me about this was the scent, i'm not sure which ingredient is the culprit but it smells ever so slightly smoky and not in a bad way. All i can liken the smell to is the "Feu De Bois" Dyptique candle and i LOVE that smell. Although i did notice a smoky scent, its also somehow a very light scent and dissipates quickly. 

I sprayed it onto clean, damp skin and it left my skin feeling well-toned but not tight which is seemingly hard to find in toners targeted towards oily/combo skin. That said, they do have several others for other skin types if thats something that might suit you better.

It also works really nicely as a makeup setting spray to take down any overly powdery mistakes and also leave my skin feeling much less oily throughout the day.

Overall i'm super impressed with this one, not only that they cater for all skin types but that the organic ingredients actually do their job as well as any of their chemical counterparts.

The last step of my new-product facial was the Blissoma Amend Serum. Like i said in the video, the description definitely sounds like my cup of tea (oh wow, i need a cup now i've written that..) by targeting the signs of aging caused by sun damage.

Similarly to the eye serum, i found this made my skin look good immediately and from my research into their line i definitely think this is a range that will bring your skin to a point where you feel confident in it without any makeup on, which is the dream for me.

It does have a slight warm yellow hue which seems to work to immediately brighten skin and has no real scent that i noticed. 

I'm definitely intrigued to see how this helps my skin with prolonged use because even after the initial try, i went to bed feeling fantastic in my own skin.

The other full size item in the box was the Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo face wipes which, like i said, do contain honey. I spoke with Yvonne from Kaia and she told me their honey is sourced from an organic honey farm in Alberta Ontario.

Now while i know my vegan viewers don't like to use honey (and i totally understand why), i do think these are a much better option than other high end face wipes that might be produced by brands who don't give a shit about being cruelty free or biodegradable.

Other than the honey, they are also soaked in amazing oils, vitamins and essential oils; undeniably making them more of a "wellness wipe" than a makeup wipe. It's because of these properties that they're the official wipe approved in oncology esthetics training.

Perhaps eventually Kaia will have a honey-free version at some point but Yvonne did say they do have a vegan-friendly powdered face cleanser available!

I know this was a bit information-heavy but i wanted to give you guys an idea of the quality of the products available at Nuciya and how huge their natural beauty reach could be considering their accessibility and array of products.

I love that their website allows you to search by brand or if you're looking for a new skincare/makeup item to try, you can browse by category. They have everything from makeup, to skincare, bodycare and haircare so it makes finding new natural products really easy. They also have some awesome shipping options and ship worldwide (there are some items they can't ship internationally but they're noted).

Remember you can enter to win the $15 gift card by clicking the video and leaving your comment via youtube, for now i'll be browsing Nuciya to see what other treasures they have!


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