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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Warning: This post does not contain hair growth pills or bogus products.

My hair appears to have finally grown and a lot of you have been asking what i've changed/used/taken.

The answer is that i've just been using common sense, honestly.

I have very fine hair thats been lightened at the ends so breakage is an issue for me, i notice this the most whenever i sleep on my hair or leave it down in the wind then attempt to brush it.

Here are some of my top tips on preventing breakage in fine, crap hair like mine.

1) Throw away any hair ties that have silicone/sticky stuff running through them "for grip". These are breaking your hair. Even people with the strongest hair, using those sticky hair ties will eventually break some hair off.
Instead, i recommend using ribbon ties. These are the ones i use and they've lasted me almost two years now... i've definitely misplaced a couple but the ones still in my possession are still awesome.
Sure, they may not hold your hair in a ponytail for 72hours straight but i'd rather retain some integrity in my hair than have a great pony for longer.

2) Always tie your hair up at night. Especially if, like me you hair wavy/curly fine hair that turns into dreadlocks if you sleep on it and get too hot at night.
I use either a ribbon tie or.... *drum roll*... a scrunchie to put my hair up in the tiniest bun known to thin-haired mankind. This way i avoid any breakage or matted hair in the morning.
Plus, you look sexy.

3) Put some oil in your hair the night before you're going to wash it. It doesn't have to be any special kind, there are loads on the market, just make sure its as natural as possible and isn't straight silicone.
I like to run some argan or coconut oil through the ends and lengths of my hair the night before i wash it and tie it up, giving it a chance to sink in.
I've found this gives my hair a nice overnight treatment as well as preventing my hair from becoming too stripped the following morning when i wash it.

4) Rinse your hair with cold water when you're done. I'd recommend doing this with your hand shower if you have one to avoid the biggest shock of your warm little life.
I wash and condition my hair as normal then tip my hair upside down and rinse on COLD a final time.
This will help to close up the cuticle and just seems to make my fine frizzy hair a lot smoother. Washing with cold water will help retain color, also.

5) Brush it like a grown up. Gather your hair into a low pony with one hand and begin brushing the very tips out with the other, once those tangles are out, move up a little higher each time until you're tangle free.
Doing it this way will help prevent excess breakage and using excess force on your poor hair.
Whatever you do, though... DO NOT COMB YOUR HAIR WHEN WET. Use your fingers or a very wide tooth brush/comb if you need to.

Those are the basic hair rules i live by. Share your hair favorites below!


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