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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vegan perfumes were one thing i struggled with for a while. Until, that is, i found these companies who create healthier, vegan perfumes just as scrumptious as the rest!

Let me share a little about the companies as well as their fragrances i love with you...

"Harvey Prince was founded on the desire to revolutionize the beauty industry by creating high quality, eco-conscious fragrances & body products that are completely cruelty free, vegan, and safe to use for pregnant mamas—all while leaving your wallets full." Read more about them here.

Petaly Noir
To me, this is reminiscent of the Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume and even shares some of the same notes of orchid and patchouli. 
I think of this as a winter scent that beautifully sinks into the skin to create a very sexy, feminine and warm feel.

Eau So Divine
I still can't think of a better way to describe this scent other than a boss bitch walking through a hotel lobby with a briefcase and a ton of secrets. 
Both myself and Adam think this is similar to another fragrance i've had but can never figure out what. Its notes range from pink grapefruit and lemon (which i always find to be almost effervescent and sparkly), to floral notes of lily and jasmine and on to warmer notes of vanilla and patchouli- the perfect balance of everything.
Its definitely my current favorite and i'd wear it all year round.

Clean Musk
This is one of HP's "Singular Scentsations" and a beautifully clean, sexy, fresh one at that. 
Fresh, yet musky and just makes me think of a freshly laundered men's shirt. I love to layer this!

Damask Rose
Another single scent, this one is beautifully floral and much lighter than other rose scents i've tried. Another great one to layer for a floral touch.

Another great blend of warmer scents with a definite light citrus sparkle. Much lighter than Petaly Noir but just as flirty in its own right. Perfect, again, year round because of its blend of warmer notes like nutmeg, cinnamon and even pumpkin pie along with lighter notes of citrus and freesias. 

I've said before that if you're unsure of what to try from HP, i recommend Hello for its light, fresh scent. This one definitely reminds me of Jo Malone scents and has a perfect balance of citruses, vanilla and musk. Another great year rounder.

This one is definitely a little earthier to me and, although i don't wear it often, i can still recognize it as a beautiful scent- just not a me fragrance. Definitely warm and spicy, i think worn on others this would be a very luxurious, sensual scent. With strong notes of sandalwood, amber, incense and myrrh, this isn't for the faint-hearted. Its strong scent for sure!

"In a little shop in Poole, [Lush owners] hand made products upstairs that were being sold downstairs. They had previously been paying another company to come up with the fragrances for their products, but found out the perfumes weren't always pure, so Mark decided he would create the perfumes himself. A competition was launched for customers to give the company a new name. One customer suggested LUSH, which is defined as being fresh, green, verdant and drunken women and we thought it fitted us very well." Read more about them here

The name for this one is perfect, its like true vanilla straight from the pods along with a little help from sandalwood and burnt caramel. If you love vanilla, you need this equally sweet and warm scent! 

Sikkim Girls
I adore this scent, i just don't love it on myself. This one is sweet, spicy, floral and exotic- all in one! If you like spicier, warm scents with a hint of earthiness, i think you'll love this.

If you look at the packaging for this one, it perfectly encompasses its scent. A Lush co-founder has even said this was an ode to head shops and hippies. Although it definitely has that hippie, patchouli vibe to it, the sweet orange definitely gives it a fresh, young twist! 
I wish this came in room spray form because i would douse my home in this.

"Today Pacifica has become known as the most innovative, creative natural beauty brand on the market with a full range of cosmetics, perfumes and skin care.  Brook has elevated natural beauty with her unwillingness to accept substandard performance in natural products and has made it her personal mission to uplevel the perception of natural beauty products." Read more about them here.

Tunisian Jasmine Lime
Their current, newest scent; this one is so bubbly and light. If you love the scent of lime (which i think is fairly rare in scents, maybe i'm wrong), you'll love this. The citrus is rounded out with a beautiful jasmine pairing and is definitely a youthful little number.

Indian Coconut Nectar
Just as Lush's Vanillary is a must for vanilla lovers, this one is a coconut lovers dream! It immediately makes me think of the beach and sun-warmed skin and the vanilla addition adds a beautifully creamy twist.

"We hand-make every product that French Girl Organics sells from my own original recipes that have been tested and used by our family for over 20 years. Organic. Vegan. No Animal Testing. That is our credo & we endeavor to support organic farming the world over by using 90-100% Certified Organic Ingredients to formulate our lovely offerings." Read more about them here

Tabac No.1
This scent is unlike any other i've tried. It immediately makes me think of campfires and smoked wood. If you're like me and try and go as long as possible before washing your hair after a bonfire, this is for you! Another one i wish came in room scent or candle form because i LOVE that woody, smoky scent.

Madame Blond
The only way i can think to explain this is "hot and spicy". It's citrusy top notes beautifully cut through a warm peppery scent i just can't place. Definitely a warmer scent in my collection but somehow seems appropriate year round.

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"When I was 18 [Olivine Atelier owner] got a job at a perfume blending bar and all of my dreams were fulfilled.  Then I got fired.  Turns out I wasn't supposed to create things for other people, I had to go out on my own.  When I was 24 I opened a boutique called Aromatica.  I finally had my own perfume blending bar and no one could fire me!  Two stores and three product lines later and here I am, still making perfume.  Because I love it." Read more about them here.

These next two are perfume oils and the first time i've dabbled into oil scents. I've found the oil base makes the scent last longer as well as really work with my body chemistry.

This is such a warm, effortless scent that i could easily see becoming many peoples' signature choice. Its fruit, warm and just so different yet wearable. I love dotting a little of this on my wrists and neck and noticing it come over me in waves throughout the day. Truly gorgeous, girly yet refined.

Amongst The Waves
I was about to say this one takes me right back to Hawaii and then i saw that its exactly where it was inspired by. This is that effortless scent of summer that makes you feel warm all over. With top notes of ocean salt and black coconut, theres nowhere else it takes you than right back into summer.

"At Ajne, we honor the complex and astonishing scent and healing properties of precious, pure plant oils ~ the most valuable substances on earth ~ some more precious than pure gold. We are deeply committed to creating transcendent product experiences that revitalize mind, body and spirit. We believe this can only be achieved with an uncompromising commitment to the finest, safest natural ingredients." Read more about them here.

Sexy, warm and floral; this one reminds me of Uma's Total Rejuvenation Night Oil and instantly makes me feel relaxed. With vanilla, myrrh and rose, this is a beautifully exotic, intoxicating fragrance. 
The ingredients have even been chosen to ground your heart, sacral and base chakras; bringing in love and sexuality.

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I hope this post was somewhat helpful because i'd have loved a rundown like this when i was searching for vegan perfumes. Please share your favorites below!


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  1. Rhian, this is SO helpful! Thank you so much for all the details. I am a big fan of Elizabeth and Jame nirvana white scent, which i remember you mentioning in the past. reason i bring it up is i would (sadly) assume their company is neither cruelty free nor vegan (although i wish they were) and so i havent repurchased since the one i received last xmas...anything you can think of that reminds you of that scent or might be similar? i think i remember you being a fan of it? thanks so much! xx