Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It wouldn't be #worldveganmonth without mentioning my girl, Miss TT. Well, Leticia is probably how you know her but yeah...

Once i started my channel and started documenting my vegan/cruelty free journey, Leticia was one of the first people i remember just being super supportive, friendly and an all-round fun person to follow online.

It wasn't until a little later that i realized she is hilarious to boot. You really need to follow her on snapchat (Snapbacksnticia)! One day we will hang out and i believe it will be an epic adventure.

Her youtube not only covers cruelty free and vegan makeup but she does the cutest DIY projects and even compounds my newfound planner addiction with her adorable "plan with me" videos. I always learn about tons of new, smaller brands from Leti's youtube and instagram and she posts yummy vegan foods to her snapchat also!

She also recently got a new Instagram account so be sure to check that out and give her some love... tell her Rhi Rhi sent you.

Instagram- @xoloveleti
Twitter- @xoloveleti
Facebook- xoloveleti
Youtube- xoloveleti


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