Yoni Stoni

Monday, November 23, 2015

Weirdest thing i've ever featured on my blog? Possibly, but thats why i couldn't pass it up!

A Yoni Stone is a vaginal weight thought to strengthen your pelvic floor and has been around for quite some time. You can read more about them here.

I've been aware of kegel eggs before but have never seen something like it made of gem stones... how freakin' luxurious and magical is that?

Now since i knew rose quartz is the stone of love, i went for that one but there are several options on their site with different properties and they are all so so gorgeous.

So if you don't want to read about me putting this inside of me, stop reading now.
The stone comes with full instructions on the best way to insert it, how to relax yourself etc so i grabbed my coconut oil and.... popped it in.

Once the stone is inside the vaginal canal, you can't so much feel it as much as you're just aware of a little weight in there. When you start to push the stone inside you, your body will take over once its almost in and sort of... sucks it up in there.

Although i'd read that theres no way you can get it stuck, of course i got nervous and pushed it out just to make sure they weren't lying and sure enough.... with a little push, you can squeeze the stone back out. Its seriously what i imagine laying an egg would be like.

Although i think it would give you peace of mind to have a string or something attached to pull it back out, from what i've read, drilled stones aren't the most sanitary because bacteria can become stuck inside the drilled hole/string. So un-drilled is definitely the way to go, you just need to stay calm when it comes to getting it back out.

Obviously i can't say whether the few times i've used it have made any different in my pelvic floor health but i do think this is an awesome little gift idea if you want to treat yourself.

Something about putting gemstones in my vagina just really makes me happy.

If you guys want me to review other items like this or sex toys etc... just let me know!


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  1. This is genius! More of this, I only knew these not really trust-worthy looking "love-balls" that I did not really believe in but this option looks hygenic and safe than some plastic, keep on posting Rhian! :)

  2. This looks a lot easier to clean and care for vs other options. I'm still unsure of how to do kegels properly (I feel like I'm doing them wrong). It is interesting putting a gem inside you... But it seems like a safer alternative maybe even more natural than some out there.

  3. I would like to hear from you about how you deal with your periods (cotton pads, cotton tampons, diva cup, menstrual pain etc) and your experience with sex toys (recommendations, brands etc).

  4. Amazing :) love your thoughts on this. If you could review some vegan/bio/happiness (haha) sex toys that would be great

  5. Thank you for this interesting and more hygenic alternative to some stuff I've been viewing. I looked at the Yoni Stoni website and am curious about your thoughts on the sizes.

    1. I've only tried the one i featured so i can't really comment on sizing, i'm sure they could help you if you email them though!

  6. Perhaps I'm the only weird one to find this intriguing and possibly want one now. ;)

    I think sex toy reviews would be fun!

  7. So I read on their website that you can have sex with the stone inside you, I was wondering if you have tryed it and if it was still comfortable?