Pantry Organization

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Its no secret that 2 of my passions are organizing and food so allow me to combine the two...

Growing up, my mum always had various jars that she would decant dry food basics into and i always remember loving making food with her and getting to spoon ingredients out of their pretty jars. To this day, those same jars are still on the shelves in her house.

So when Adam and i recently started to try and be a bit smarter about what we're buying and taking advantage of bulk items where possible, it made sense that i follow in my mum's organized foot steps and get our pantry into shape!

We started by assessing which few items we always repurchased and might benefit from buying larger versions of, then figured out which sized jars we might need and went from there. Obviously you can redo it all at once if you want to but i'd advise starting with your essentials first!

I recommend the brands Le Parfait or Weck, both of which you can find on Amazon.

Not that theres always a need to (since the jars are clear) but, since one flour looks a lot like another, we decided to buy a Dymo embossing labeler. Clearly we ended up labeling everything because we liked how it looked so much! (i will say if you're planning to do lots at once, you might want to pick up tape refills)

So now our pantry not only looks pinterest-worthy, we also get to take advantage of giant sized items from places like Thrive Markets, Amazon or our local co-op. It also makes for easy list-making when you're about to grocery shop because you can easily see whats running low vs taking out every packet and shaking it like a crazed child at christmas.

What are some of your favorite items to buy in bulk?

Shop my favorite jars below!


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  1. Yes! I've done this and I find the aesthetic appeal so worth it!

  2. This has been a long time goal of mine! Thanks for sharing your process and products. I'm into this.