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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

I've been trying some delicious products from Southern Comforts, so lets dive in!

Southern Comforts is a cruelty free and vegan etsy shop filled with perfumes, lotions and potions in the most incredible scents. I know i can't be the only one with this misconception but some handmade perfume items i find to be a little too granola for my tastes (although now i want some granola... mmm) but these products are such a treat for the senses!

They have some sweet scents, some sexy scents and even some more rugged ones.

Shaving Creme in "Darlin'" - $15
Made up of super moisturizing avocado oil and the fragrance blend of your choice, this is such a nice treat after getting used to using "men's" woodsy scented shave cream for so long since that was the only vegan option i could find.

The scent, "Darlin'" is described as floral, gourmand and girly but i don't find it to be overwhelming like some drug store womens shave creams can be.
Applied to wet skin, it dispersed evenly, gave me such a smooth shave and left my skin feeling slinky afterwards! I'm so glad i found a sweet smelling shave cream that doesn't dry out my skin but actually nourishes it!

Body Butter in "Mama Tried" - $14
This luxurious body butter has been my most used product from S.C. so far. The butter itself is made up of shea, mango and cocoa butters as well as other delicious oils and the fragrance i got it in is just mind-blowing.

"Mama tried" is described as "For the one and only rebel child, this adventurous combination of smoky whiskey and non-gourmand vanilla, with a touch of honeysuckle and gardenia, is anything but meek and mild." Its the ultimate smoky, sexy scent and i like to smear it allll over myself!

Foaming Sugar Scrub in "Miss Leonie's Lift - $8
This scrubby little number not only exfoliates with its cane sugar but it foams for the ultimate squeaky clean skin! Using this prior to shaving with the S.C. shave creme seriously gives you the most amazingly smooth skin.

The "Miss Leonie's Lift" scent is described as herbal and citrusy and really reminds me of a scent from my past, i think the pink peppercorn might be to blame!

Perfume Oil Roll-on in "Baby Cakes" - $15
Not only are roll-on perfumes really convenient for on the go application but the fact its a perfume oil means it will last longer and really work with your bodies chemistry. Rice bran oil creates the perfect oil base for their awesome array of scents and makes for mess-free application.

The scent "Baby Cakes" is exactly what you'd imagine but better and as soon as i realized birthday candles were mentioned in the notes, i knew that was exactly why it had me feeling nostalgic. If you love vanilla, orange blossom or cake scents.. you'll love this!

Solid Perfume in "Charlotte Sunshine" - $8
Another "perfect for travel" item from them has to be their solid perfume. I love that you can travel with it and don't even need to separate it into a bag for airport security. It stays firm so isn't messy to apply and its soy wax/coconut oil base adds a little moisture at the same time!

The "Charlotte Sunshine" scent is also exactly as described on their site and just makes me crave summer and lemon in iced tea, “Nothing captures the pleasures of summer like a cold glass of sweet tea with lemon and the warm, succulent scent of gardenia in the air.”

Overall i'm loving everything i got from Southern Comforts and i'm really glad i gave their products a try because i see this being the start of a love affair.

For those of you who are never sure about more natural perfume products, i'd really suggest giving S.C. a try because the scents are well thought out and like better versions of your average cheap drugstore/scented products only without the chemicals and with all of the nourishment. Another great thing about being from an etsy store is that you get to support a small business and not the big corporations.

See xoloveleti's video on the products from them she tried below!


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