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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A lot of you loved my DIY face wipe video and have shown a lot of interest in Marley's Monsters so i figured i'd share some more of their range and how i use them in our home.

Marley's Monsters are based out of Portland, Oregon and make eco-friendly living essentials ranging from mother and baby items to kitchen stuff and more.

I love that they offer wild designs or very simple items so you're bound to find something no matter your taste. Everything i have from them so far has been super soft and durable so i have no doubt i'll be going back for more.

Unpaper Towels
I am definitely guilty of using too much paper towel and buying it from not so nice brands because the greener options are never very absorbent but these have broken me of my bad habit!

I love using these to clean our granite, to clean up spills or to dust off surfaces. Use one of these a day on your surfaces (or however often you clean), rinse and hang it up to dry in between so its ready to use on the next spill.

You could also use them as individual hand towels in bathrooms, make your own household cleaner to use with them or whatever you felt really because they are SO soft and durable.

You can get these in a variety of colors/patterns and can opt for a selection pack or just go for a block color to match your home like i did.

Linen Napkins
I don't know about you guys but i love the look of fabric napkins but often find they're either too frilly for my liking, ridiculously priced or just don't stand up to the frequent washing needed.

Again, Marley's Monsters solved my napkin woes and offer these awesome, soft and durable linen napkins in a 6 pack. They're 12"x12" so plenty big enough, they stand up to being washed and ironed frequently and they are very pleasing to the eye when i set our table.

However you like to arrange your napkins, i think these would be an awesome addition to any dining room trying to be a little more eco friendly.

Bamboo Facial Rounds
I've mentioned these before but essentially they are just as awesome as my favorite swisspers rounds but can be washed and reused!

I use these with my home made toner, jojoba oil to remove eye makeup and cream cleansers too. I just give them a rinse with a little hand soap or Dr Bronners after to remove any stubborn makeup and throw them in their mesh bag ready for me to throw them in with my white washing.

They also offer patterned flannel options as well as the nifty little holder pictured below!

Bamboo Cloth Wipes
Like i mentioned, i used these in my DIY face wipe video so theres lots of info there but these are another item you could use however you wanted.

Again, you can get them in varying amounts and colors but of course, i went for white!

If you've made it this far into my post, i think you deserve a little something in return. So Marley's Monsters have very kindly offered my pals (you) 20% off by using the code WIFELIFE20 at the checkout. The code does expire on February 22nd so if you've been curious, now might just be the time to check them out!

Be sure to let me know how you like your Marley's Monsters goodies and cheers to less waste in our homes.


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