DIY Facial Toner

Monday, March 14, 2016

I've been solely using home made toner for a while now and can't recommend this one enough! 3 ingredients and none of the nasty stuff.

You'll need:

Its just 1 part ACV (less if you haven't used it before, you can always work your way up to more), 1 part rose water and 2 parts distilled water. 

Add essential oils if you'd like to, i found this list really helpful in explaining whats suitable for skin. This is also a good idea if you're not a fan of the vinegar smell... it dissipates quickly and is undetectable after a few minutes but i know some people are sensitive to smells.

I've really noticed a difference in my skin since using it, more-so than with shop-bought toners. The ACV really does wonders to balance and clear my skin of any lumps and bumps. You can read a little more about it here.

If you do make a concoction of your own, don't forget to share below!

If you're interested, you can find my DIY face wipe video here.


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  1. Thanks for the recipe! I've had trouble finding a toner that fits my needs. This looks promising :-)