Barnivore - Happy National Beer Day!

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Since its National Beer Day today, i figured it was time to introduce a really great resource to those of you who haven't heard of it before- Barnivore! If you've ever wondered if alcohol is vegan, read on!

Animal ingredients can be used as an actual ingredient in alcohol or as part of the distilling or filtering process. This is often overlooked and understandably so, trying to veganize every aspect of your life can be very challenging and rarely fully achievable so a website like Barnivore can be a big help in figuring this out if its something you want to look into.

Barnivore lets you search by beer, wine or liquor and has LOTS of options. If you have a hard time finding any of them locally, i'd really recommend asking your local booze shop if they are able to source any you like the look of for you. Alternatively there are lots of websites you can order from online like, for example (new customers save $10 Off $75 with code NEW10).

If you have any favorite vegan beers, wines or liquors of your own, please do share them below!



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