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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I'd noticed Pinrose pop up on Sephora a couple of times and then saw them added to the Logical Harmony brand list recently and figured i'd look into them more. I grabbed their Parfum a go-go set from Sephora during the VIB sale to give all their scents a try!

In this sampler/travel wipe set, you get 2 wipes of each scent which i thought was an awesome way to try them all out since its an online only item and i don't know anything about perfume notes. The fact they come in a cute little holographic travel pouch didn't hurt either.

I've tried 5 of the 10 scents included so far and each one has been VERY true to its notes written on the packaging which was refreshing to me since i usually can't even begin to imagine what certain note combinations actually smell like. Not only is the wipe format a nice way to try lots of scents but they are perfect to pack for travel or in your purse/car etc.

Of the scents i've tried so far, i am especially loving Gilded Fox and Secret Genius and have added both to my wishlist. I find both to be very warm sexy scents but if you prefer something lighter, i think Pillow Talk Poet is also beautiful (think equal parts fresh and musky). If you're a rose lover, their signature scent, Pinrose, might just be the one for you!

If you are looking for some new cruelty free, vegan scents i'd definitely recommend picking up this set. Alternatively, if you already know which notes you typically like, i've found them to be pretty on point with their descriptions so you might even be able to pick one that way.

They do have a fun little quiz you can take to find your perfect scent, i'm not sure how accurate the results might be but i thought it was cute regardless.

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