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Monday, December 12, 2016

Lots of you know i'm an avid Diva Cup user but i also know that its definitely not for everyone for a variety of reasons and i had a lot of questions about alternatives  so i bring you.... Cora!

Cora are a customizable organic cotton tampon subscription service that also gives back to women in need. Lets talk about the tampons first.

The Cora tampon is made from premium organic cotton to help keep your delicate bits from getting irritated by harsh fragrances or other chemicals. The applicators are made from BPA-free plastic but they are working on a bio-based option to reduce their environmental impact even further, you can read more about it here.

They arrive in a chic black storage box without the usual hideous period designs - thank YOU! Choose how many tampons you need per month and which absorbency and they'll ship them to you once every 3 months. You can adjust or cancel at any time and shipping is free.

They also send you a really quite chic black vegan leather clutch that you can store a few tampons in for on-the-go use. I'd use this for other things for the remaining days in the month since its so sleek!

Lastly, they send you a few "stow-aways" that are little cardboard containers to store a tampon in, either for your self or to help a friend out (you can both earn free monthly supplies by doing so too)!

As  if all of those reasons weren't enough, Cora have taken their quest for fearless periods one step further and aim to offer a sustainable solution to the women in areas of the world who don't currently have access to period supplies.

You can read more about that here, but essentially they help the local communities produce their own menstrual hygiene products to not only provide to the women there who need them, but also to help support the local economy instead of just shipping supplies there from other countries. A win-win-win, i'd say.

So, if tampons are your preferred product and you'd like to give Cora a try, you can get 20% off your subscription if you use the code WIFELIFE4416

Oh, and check out their blog too, they cover everything from fellow fearless females to period myths and more.


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