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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Many of you know i love reusables when it comes to makeup removal/ skin care so i was stoked to receive these Face Halos in my PO box and give them a try.

Face Halos come in a pack of three for $22, they're washable, reusable makeup removing pads that work just by getting them wet.

They have a firm padding through the middle and seem very well made to endure the 200 washes they boast withstanding.

I've used and washed mine now and really love how easily they remove makeup. I found one to be sufficient to remove a full face of makeup including eye makeup with minimal effort or pressure needed. They're also flexible so i fold them in half and use the flat edge to get in the lash line.

So, start to finish, heres how i use them...

  • Get the face halo wet with warm water and wring out any excess
  • Softly wipe away makeup from your face just with the wet halo
  • Once one side is covered in makeup, turn it over or fold it in half to maneuver it around your eyes
  • Now all your makeup is removed, finish your skin care
  • Then i use a little Dr Bronners baby soap to wash out any makeup from the halo (this gets them REALLY clean and works as a pre-wash)
  • Wash with whites and skip the fabric softener
  • You can put them in the dryer but letting them air dry will keep the disc shape better

Thats it! Super easy and a great way to cut down on waste. I'd really recommend these for anyone wanting to embrace some reusable options in their home!

Face Halo kindly gave me a code to pass on to you guys (not affiliate), too- "Rhian10".

Any questions? Leave them below.


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  1. Darn... i bought them the first day you showed them w/o the discount! Can't wait for them!

  2. Has the discount code expired? It doesn't work :(