23 and me ancestry results

Monday, February 03, 2014
All of my 23 and me data is now available and i now know that my DNA is 100% European!

The list below explains a little of the nonspecific DNA, based on places that natives have pieces of identical DNA to mine.

I'm not sure what i expected but Iberian and Ashkenazi was a surprise... only a tiny amount of my DNA but still pretty cool!

I've been doing a little reading about Ashkenazi Jews and some pretty interesting people come from that ethnic division; Einstein, Anne Frank, Kafka and Freud.

As for Iberia, i had to look up where that is and discovered its the second largest peninsula in Europe. Unknowingly i've gone from one peninsula to another.

I think this part of the DNA testing was actually my favorite, it doesn't serve a medical purpose by any means but i think everyone is a little curious as to where they've come from.


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