Thursday, March 27, 2014

After seeing the ever talented Shonagh Scott on YouTube use Kryolan products i wanted to inquire about their cruelty free stance and vegan products.

Here's the response i got-

Featured on PETA's cruelty free list here.

While i appreciate any response i get from companies, i can't help but be bummed that they don't have a comprehensive list of vegan products because i am lazy and can't be bothered to read through ingredients and google what each coloring is!

Do any of you know if there is a site that exists that you can enter lists of ingredients in cosmetics and it'll pick out any that aren't vegan friendly? I had a look but couldn't see such a magical invention.

All in all, great that they are cruelty free and carry vegan options, i just wish it was clearer which those were.


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