Mmmonday- Average Grocery Shop

Monday, September 01, 2014

You guys asked for a grocery haul so here it is. I shop at my local coop mostly so its usually a lot of fresh fruits and veg with a few added random bits in there.

What are your grocery staples?


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  1. Tea. Early grey, chai and peppermint are my favoutites. Lots of fruit and veg. Always always garlic, we eat so much garlic aint no vampires rolling round here. I need strawberries and kiwi fruit to top off my muesli, and my man just brought home some fresh blueberries so tomorrows breakfast will be extra pimpin. We are also obsessed with young coconuts. Soooooo good to drink and then scoop and freeze the flesh for smoothies. And I always need my sprinkle mix ingredients on hand; hemp seeds, chia, pepitas and sesame seeds in a shaker sprinkled over everything. Your produce looks good btw. Always interesting to see the brands of food in other countries too.