Mmmonday- Tofurky Quiche

Monday, September 29, 2014
I can't get enough of these vegan Tofurky quiches lately so had to share with you guys.

I think quiches are traditionally German... or French... but us Brits LOVE a good quiche so i was so pumped to find these.

They're 520 calories, less than half of which is from fat and contain a whopping 23g protein! I don't count calories but i know some of you do...

They somehow really manage to capture the eggy goodness without the egg and the pastry is so deliciously flaky-good. They also cook amazingly in the microwave so they're perfect for a quick lunch with a little arugula tossed on the side.

What are your favorite traditionally meat/dairy-containing meal substitutes?


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  1. ooooooo they look pretty darn good. I still can't get past bangers and mash with mushroom gravy for it's good old comfort food factor. I use soy sausages by sanitarium (Australian company). Definitely not an everyday thing but a nice treat after a big weekend. Still trying to perfect a vegan version of Yorkshire puddings for toad in the hole.