Tieks Vegan Ballet Flats

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ever worn heels out for too long and wished you had a tiny, magically comfy pair of flats to slip into?

Perhaps a tiny pair of flats that come with a fold up tote to put your un-comfy shoes into after you've made the switch?

Luckily Tieks offer you just that AND it all fits into the palm of your hand.

Tieks offer 5 vegan options in these adorable flats and i went for the "greystone" pair.

Just take a quick look at these and you can tell they're wonderfully made and meant to last. Coupled with the fact that they are ridiculously comfortable, these are a valuable little trick to keep up your sleeve!

Not only would these be awesome to slip on after a long day on your feet or on your way home after a night out, i LOVE these to throw in my carry on when i'm flying. Considering we live in the tundra, it can be a pain in the butt to take bulky boots on and off during a long flight just to make a toilet run, so i like to slip into these as soon as i've settled in for a long flight, or even right before security so they're easy to slip on and off.

Now Tieks are NOT cheap, i managed to get mine during sale season so definitely keep an eye out for that, but after seeing and wearing them, i see why they charge so much.

Most fold up shoes i've seen before have a thin sole, are poorly made and are not comfortable at all. Even for a regular flat, these are incredibly comfortable. The craftsmanship of these is beautiful.

Not everyone is going to want to spend money on a pair of fold up shoes but if you often find yourself in a situation where these would come in hand, i'd definitely keep an eye out for sales or coupon codes because i'm really glad i did.

If you have a pair of shoes similar, please do share a link to them below so we can all explore other options too.


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  1. How have they worn in the last 6 months? As durable as leather?

  2. How have they worn in the last 6 months? As durable as leather?

  3. Not understanding how you bought on sale or with a coupon as Tieks offers neither and does not sell in stores?