What are some of your biggest fitness questions or problems?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

If you've explored my page much, you may have noticed that the fitness area is decidedly empty, which, is pretty ridiculous since a lot of the questions i get involve health or fitness in some sense.

I really want to rectify the lack of fitness info on here so i wanted to ask YOU what you most want to see?

Leave your comments below so i can get some inspiration from you lovely readers!


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  1. I've read about the benefits of yoga, and I'd love to give it a go. What advise do you have for a yoga newbie?

    1. I'm essentially a newbie myself because i don't really have any formal training as such... just dabble in it at home.

      I'd say start slow, don't expect to be able to do crazy shit the first try and always adapt poses to fit your abilities.
      Theres nothing that will put you off quicker than getting an injury your first try so go easy!

  2. I have 2 questions for you
    #1 what are you doing in the pics above? it looks interesting!
    #2 how do you stay motivated to keep up with workouts and healthy eating? I have problems falling back into unhealthy habits esp in winter and then I beat myself up about it and end up doing nothing but sitting on my ass.

    1. 1) i believe its crow pose.... i've only ever dabbled in yoga so i don't really know what i'm doing there.
      2) i'm lucky because i love eating healthy and actually benefit from eating often but i know not everyones body works that way. Definitely don't be hard on yourself, thats something i always try hard to avoid. Instead just start forming new habits like doing crunches during the commercials of your fave tv shows or get out and go for a walk as soon as you realize you're sinking into lazytown. Little things like that always help me any way.

      I'll definitely work on a post going into that further though so thanks for the questions! x

  3. Hi Rhian,

    I'm always on the hunt for new music to train to so would love the hear what's on your playlist. Other things that would be super helpful are reviews on fitness related products and attire e.g vegan running shoes, what to do when you plateau with your training, and pre and post workout snacks and smoothies for a healthy vegan protein hit.

    Looking kick ass in the pic above btw x

    1. Great ideas!
      Generally i just search for workout playlists on spotify and go from there.

      I'll definitely have a think about some healthy snacks etc for a post about that... my only worry is that i don't know the rights and wrongs of that so i'm sure there will be some people who will disagree. I'm still alive though so i can't be doing it that wrong...