Vegan Pesto Revisited

Friday, January 09, 2015

We definitely have a handful of "signature" dishes in this household and pesto pasts is certainly one of them.

My original recipe is here but we have made a few little changes so heres the scoop...

When i make it now i use the same ingredients but occasionally forego the avocado or lemon if i don't have them on hand. Its still delicious, just slightly less creamy and works a little better for use as a pizza sauce.

The best addition to one of our favorite dishes has to be the little side salad we now serve along with it. Sometimes the most delicious things in life are the simplest, right? Well this perfectly showcases this.
Olive Oil
Rock Salt

Yep, thats really it. Just combine it all in a bowl and sprinkle your faux parmesan on top.

What are some of the most popular dishes in your house?


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