Vegan Queso Dip

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our local Co-op has one of my most favorite mild salsas of all time in their deli and recently one of the girls working in there told me of some kind of cashew cream/salsa mixy she'd been making. Since i'm a bit of a food romanticist, i day dreamed about it for the rest of the day; because i didn't have cashew cream though, i needed to experiment!

Since i'd made a weird taco dip before using vegan cream cheese, i figured that might be a good place to start!

What i used:
  • A dollop of plain tofutti cream cheese
  • A dollop of my fave salsa
  • A heavy sprinkling of nutritional yeast powder
  • Some Chipotle seasoning
  • A little daiya cheese
(petition to chance the names of nutritional yeast and "Daiya" cheese to golden yum flakes and fakey cheese yum, respectively. Those in favor, say I.)

You could make this minus the shredded cheese and chipotle easily or season it with something you prefer.

I just started by warming up the cream cheese so it was easier to mix then added in the rest of the ingredients til it looked dippy enough to eat.

Paired with my favorite corn-free chips, Beanitos... its perfect!


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  1. mmmm looks good. I haven't tried Daiya (don't think it's available in my part if Oz) but a big "I" to renaming nutritional yeast golden yum flakes. My boyfriend's go to name for anything delicious is 'the gouge' so that's what we often refer to it as.

  2. Where did you find those bowls? They are awesome.