I need your help.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I've been lacking in tutorial ideas lately so leave some of your own ideas below for me to reference later!!


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  1. Summer waterproof/staying power makeup for the whole face?
    Makeup for graduation
    Red/dark lip tutorials - I never know what to do on the rest of my face for more casual looks with a dark lip
    Full face of cheaper cruelty free options - like elf?

    I don't know, I hope this helps. I just finished my last college paper, so I'm a little brain tired.

  2. Hey lady, I would love to see a vlog style tutorial on how to touch up makeup throughout the day without reapplying a whole face of makeup. This would be super helpful if you have any tips you can share with us. Thanks xx

  3. How about a super simple makeup routine using 5 products or less?

  4. Matching the right lipstick shade with rest of makeup

    What to look for in "vegan products"

    Dealing with animal fur/defuzzing clothes

    Bubble bath essentials

    Reject products you tried

    Favorite cocktails/wines/ and non alcoholic drinks

  5. You applying make-up on other people so we can see a variety of skin/ eye/face shapes and colors.

  6. - Must have makeup products/brushes
    - No makeup makeup look
    - This is more intimate, but I think you're cool with that: intimate hygiene (natural gels, soaps, pads, tampons etc)
    - Of course, everyone wants a house tour or some type of tour (room, closet/wardrobe, bathroom) xD
    - Shoe/Bags collection
    - Something related with your vegan lifestyle (recipes, tips, what I ate today)
    - Something more personal, Q&A, vlog or idk just something because I love to watch your videos!!!