Night-time Necessities

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I feel as though i mention the obvious items i use morning and night but i wanted to mention some of the luxuries (i guess the title of necessities was a lie but... alliteration, y'know..) i've found myself not being able to live without, also.

Face wipes are a must for me at night time. Sure, there are nights where i want to take my time and scrub my face properly but there are also the nights where, maybe gin has happened and i can't be bothered.

Its at these times i scramble for my bedside drawer and use a face wipe or two to take my makeup off. I prefer to use something gentle, yet effective so that i don't need to go throw on 1000 other lotions and potions before i sleep.

As with anything from Pacifica, these are gentle enough that they don't dry out my skin but remove as much makeup as any makeup remover wipe is ever going to.

Even ignoring it's intended purpose as a facial oil, this Uma night time oil has some magical mix of oils in it that just puts me into the most relaxed state.

I find this soothes and tones my skin, leaving it perfectly balanced in the morning as well as using a beautiful blend of essential oils to relax and help unwind tired minds. 

I like to press this into my skin and even work some down my neck and chest. If you have problems relaxing or falling asleep, i definitely recommend this one.

I never really "got" eyemasks until trying out this bad boy. IMAK are a company that make ergonomic pain relief solutions from keyboard/mouse cushions to lumbar support and much more. Their mask, along with other items they sell, is filled with "ergobeads" and can be put in the freezer for pain or puffiness relief.

I like to add a couple of drops of essential oils such as lavender to the outside to help soothe me off to sleep. Because it conforms to your eye area and is totally dark, it really helps to block out any light making it perfect for not only sleeping but for anyone who needs relief from light due to migraines.

The other nice thing is that, with a little light pressure from your finger tips, the beads inside do give a little mini massage gentle enough for the eye area.

Those of you familiar with Jimmy Jane might think this is a bit of a weird one but this little thing is SO good to soothe muscle aches and pains before bed, as well as being awesome for couples massage.

You can heat or cool the ceramic massage stone to provide relief from muscle aches and knots and use it with a massage oil of your choice for added glide. Jimmy Jane also have massage candles which they recommend using with their massage stone.

I've been using this Argan oil from Pura D'Or on my hair every night before bed to help keep my ends moisturized and prevent night-time birds nest tangling.

I love this one especially because it is JUST Argan oil, no fillers or preservatives at all.

You can also use this on your face and body (great with the massage stone) so its great for that sleepy night time routine!


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