Mani Monday Update!

Monday, April 13, 2015

I've made a few changes to my nail care since i posted my last gel manicure video so i thought i'd post a little update in addition.

(here's the original video for those who missed it)

While filming that video i used a UV light which, looking back on, was really a poor choice. I did use UV gloves when i remembered but ultimately using a UV light is a ridiculous idea.

Madam Glam changed all that by sending me their LED light to try and WOW, what the hell was i doing with that giant UV thing?

(can we just appreciate the size difference alone?)

So the main difference in my nail routine is that it takes about 1/4 of the time it did before. UV lamps cure a lot slower than an LED lamp (read more about it here) along with upping your chance of skin cancer.

Since i've been using the LED lamp i've noticed my nails get a lot less flakey and so my manicures last longer, my nails remain stronger than before and i have minimal, if any, damage from almost exclusively using gel nail polish.

You should still be able to get 30% off using the code "rhian30" if you're interested in their products. 

Another change i've made is that i've been shaping my nails with a Diamancel file (number 1).
I've found my nails stay smoother longer, don't split and i don't have to file off as much to get a smooth finish.

They have many files to choose from including foot files but i've found their number 1 file is perfect for me. I also use it to seal off any edges if a gel manicure starts to lift or chips. The fine grit creates such a smooth edge.

On top of its other obvious pros, i've found that these just don't wear out. I had one for years and it was just as effective that entire time, until i lost it. You can keep them clean with just soapy water and a soft brush and its good as new again.

Lastly, and possibly one of my favorite additions is the Pura D'or Argan Oil Nail Therapy. I've been using this on my nails nightly or whenever they seem dry and its made a world of difference.

Their oil contains Argan oil (obviously), lemon oil and biotin and has the most delicious fresh scent. 
It's perfect for a nightly treatment, to apply after a manicure to give a beautiful shine and repair any damage from filing and just whenever you need to feel a little pampered.

As a chronic nail/skin biter (disgusting, i know), i find this helps me stop doing that. Whenever i catch myself picking or biting nails anxiously, i reach for this and take the time to rub it into each nail and its quickly becoming a new habit. Not only does this replace the old habit of biting my nails by occupying my hands but it makes me more determined to break the habit because my nails are making such great progress.

Pura D'or often have discounts for new customers or orders over a certain amount so check their store for other treatments for hair, acne, scarring and more.

Share some of your favorite nail care tips below!


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