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Monday, March 09, 2015

I mentioned this in my February Favorites and have since had some questions on it and how it compares to the traditional UV lamps so here's a little break down!

What is a nail lamp?

UV or LED lamps are used to cure or harden gel polishes. These polishes last a lot longer because the polish is sort of... baked on to the nail.


UV lamps have the same harmful effects as the sun or tanning beds, not something you want concentrated on your hands over and over again. Not only does it have the possibility of causing cancer, but it will age the crap out of your hands. Generally they take around 2 minutes to cure each coat.

LED lamps eliminate the harmful side effects AND cure the polish a lot quicker, around 30-60 seconds per coat depending on the polish instructions. There really is no down side.

The Madam Glam Pocket LED Lamp

This thing is seriously adorable (note the size comparison to my old lamp in my February Favorites video) and powerful at the same time. 
What you'll receive is the cute little mini lamp and it's AC power adaptor. 
It cures your nails in 30 seconds per coat and it still blows my mind every time.

One thing i've had problems with in the past is getting my thumbs to lay flat when curing. The reason this is important is that if you don't hold your fingers flat, the polish can slide down to the lowest edge of the nail. 

To eliminate this i usually paint 4 fingers on one hand and the thumb of the other hand and cure those at the same time, this way you can hold them all totally flat. This lamp makes it super easy to hold your fingers and thumb on the edge of a table or surface, too.

There really is no downside to this new lamp, its not damaging; its tiny; its fast.

You can find the lamp here and they are always running sales!

(Madam Glam "Vivid Purple" Gel Polish)

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