OTP: Kissably Soft

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Lipstick lovers will agree that theres nothing that can mess up your makeup more than chapped, dry and flakey lips. 

Sad lips can have many causes including poor diet, extreme weather conditions or dehydration but theres one small duo you can add to your skincare routine that will help minimize the effects of those things and prep them for the smoothest, smoochiest lipstick application ever.

Lots of companies make lip scrubs but Lush’s Mint Julips has to be my favorite. The oils in the product help soften the flakey skin and the sugar scrubs it all away. If you have extremely dry flakey lips you can even finish it off by rubbing a damp washcloth over them to gently exfoliate anything left.

Once my lips are fully scrubbed i top it off with my favorite lip balm and i’ve been loving the hurraw moon balm lately which has a really rich, yet easily absorbing formula.

The scrubbing can provide temporary plumping effects as well as it helping stimulate collagen production and by the time you’re ready to put your lipstick on, the hurraw balm should be fully absorbed and your chosen lipstick will glide on so smoothly you’ll want to add this step into your routine permanently.

How do you keep your smackers soft?


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