First Impressions: Vita Liberata

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Summer is here for us Northern hemisphere dwellers so if you're anything like me you have the urge to become a bronzed goddess to suit your summer mood.

Now, Vita Liberata are a more luxury brand and not cheap by any means, so i figured it important to share this review before people shell out the big bucks! While they do have many vegan options, i did notice a product that contained silk so just check before buying if thats a concern for you. Both of these, however, are vegan!

Starting with their Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask, this stuff boasts providing an anti-aging night treatment as well as a beautiful, buildable tan. 

So lets start with the night time treatment aspect of things, i consider myself a bit of a night mask junky so i feel like i'm able to give a pretty fair review on this. 

I applied this colorless cream-balm to my face, neck and blended down my chest with my hands and instantly noticed it felt quite similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Multi Miracle Glow Mask and glided across my skin super smoothly.

I didn't notice any tell-tale fake tan scent, just a light and perhaps slightly apple-y smell that diminished after a few minutes of wear. Be sure to wash  your hands thoroughly after use to avoid orange paws!

Immediately after application my skin felt quenched and healthy and had a nice glow to it, almost like right after a facial. I probably put this on an hour or so before bed and found that glow remained during that time.

In the morning my skin still felt very soft, hydrated and balanced and didn't have any signs of grease, breakouts or blocked pores. The glow was very subtle but i could tell there was a difference because my face matched my body color a lot better. 

I think this one would be perfect for anyone who is very pale and wants to try a super nourishing, light tanning treatment; any other skin tones that just want to make their face match their body tan a little better; or even someone who just needs a new tanning product for their face because they don't like to use their regular body tanner there.

Generally i've found when products are tanners plus a treatment of some type, the treatment aspect of things isn't ever anything to write home about... in this product, however, i think the treatment was my favorite part.

Over all i'm very impressed and can't wait to see just how glowy this stuff will get me after a few more uses.

On to the Trystal Self Tanning Minerals, this was a really interesting product for me; a powder tanner that also has an instant bronzer/indicator color. I've used self tanner with a brush to bronze and contour my face for a while now so a powder version intended for the same use was right up my alley.

The powder comes in a loose powder pot and you get a nice sized kabuki to go with it. The kabuki is great because of its slightly tapered tip; you can be quite precise with the application or buff it around to cover a bigger area. 

From the few times i've used it, i've found that using it over a tinted or regular moisturizer worked the best for developing the tan. I think using it over a thicker foundation stops its ability to tan your skin underneath as well.

It does, however, make a great bronzer over thicker foundations even though the tanning part might not work as well.

I used this exactly how i would a normal, loose bronzer and swept it around the outsides of my face, down my neck and then across cheeks and nose and a little around the rest of my skin. I didn't realize at the time that there were two colors and i think i actually ended up with the darkest one (no.2) but found it gave such a nice warm glow as well as being able to contour with it a little.

The tan is meant to develop over 4-8 hours which i'd say was pretty accurate but because i wash my face so very well, i didn't find it lasted past a couple of days but perhaps used on clean, very lightly moisturized skin it would last longer.

The one thing i'd love to see is this product to be available in a brush applicator with an spf in it... it'd be the ultimate summer essential; protection and color in one.

Over all i'm really impressed with both products and think they've come out with things not many other people have. While their products are expensive, if you're looking for vegan luxury tanning items i think these are definitely worth a go!

I'm going to continue to play with these a little but if you have any other questions leave them below and i'll do my best to answer them!


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