Lash Extension Update

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A lot of you have requested an update to my previous lash extension post so here it is!

About 6 weeks ago i had my fill with Kaye in Vegas and the above photos are where i'm at now.
I know a lot of you were curious of how they shed (my other eye actually looks fuller but i figured i'd show the worst) as time goes on so this is it!

I am very fair and have VERY blonde lashes so i'm pretty surprised at how they don't look too bad even at this stage in the shedding process. If i had black lashes naturally, they would look even more natural and less sparse in comparison.

I've noticed no damage to my natural lashes and they still just shed as normal; with your natural lash attached.

The first 6 weeks i had lash extensions i was much more careful, didn't wear much makeup and was more careful to only wash them with baby shampoo etc. This time i've worn more makeup and used regular face washes on them at times and they are definitely thinner. Of course, this could be because the second round of lashes was a fill so a lot of them are almost 12 weeks old instead of 6 like the new ones.

Even with them being thinner, i don't feel bothered by it and with mascara, you still wouldn't be able to tell because it would mean my blonde lashes blend in better.

Over all i'm still really glad i tried them. Caring for them involves minimal effort and the benefits have been well worth the little bit of extra T.L.C. Although i can't keep up with them where i live, i'd definitely still invest in some if i had a vacation coming up or a series of events because they are just SO beautiful and make me feel much more confident without makeup compared to my normal potato eyes with no makeup on.

If you're curious and want to give them a go, i'd definitely still recommend Kaye at Cherry Lash Lounge in Las Vegas because she just does stunning work.

Be sure to check my previous post for more pictures and a full video on the experience and leave any more questions below!


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