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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

This is a pretty information-heavy post and video so grab a cuppa and get comfy.

You can also check my Instagram for other lash pics @wifelife or Kaye @lashwarriorprincess and Cherry Lash Lounge info can be found here.

Top - bottom: Before, immediately after & 1 week after

What i use to clean mine:

  • A facewipe for the area around the eye (never touch the lashes with it to avoid tugging)
  • A baby shampoo for the lashes themselves (never rub vigorously!)
  • A spoolie to separate them after washing

And here are some excerpts from Kaye's email:

The application of lash extensions vary in price depending on desired fullness and artist experience. Yes $59 to $249 for classic lashes. The featherized full sets range from $229 - $439. 

What are they made of?
Our lashes (as are a majority of lash brands) are made of PBT fibers. PBT is also commonly used in tooth brush bristles and yarn. Kaye also recommends checking out this article for info on adhesive!
Why PBT and not mink?
Mink is not something we offer for a few reasons. Allergic reactions are a huge part. Real animal hair has to go through a processes before it is safe to be applied to the eye area. Between the chemicals it takes to make the mink fur sanitary, and the fact that it is fur being applied to a very sensitive part of the body reactions are likely. Real fur also loses its curl quite quickly especially when wet where as PBT fiber is water resistant and will hold its curl when wet and through a number of other things. I personally have not ever worked with mink nor have any of my fellow artists. 

Up keep depends on a few different things. Aftercare is one. The better cared for they are the longer they will last. Your own personal lash growth cycle is another factor. I would say the average time a person can go in-between fills is 3 1/2 - 4 weeks. The longest I have clients go is 5-6 weeks in-between fills and they vary rarely wear eye makeup. I prefer to see clients coming in with about 40% of their full set left as a minimum. Anymore less than that starts to look sparse and gappy on most clients).

But what about damage?
When applied properly extensions are literally just that, extensions. A PBT fiber extension is applied as an extension of the natural lash. When the right diameter and length is used no damage occurs. When lashes that are too heavy or long for the natural lash to support are applied it can put stress on the hair follicle and cause lash loss over time. No two lashes are adhered together. Everything must always remain individual. If extensions are applied clumped and not fully separated it can also cause lash loss and bald spots.  Everyones lashes shed and grow. Each natural lash has a life span of 90 days. Lashes go through 3 phases of growth before shedding. It is normal to lose up to 3 - 5 lashes a day regardless of having extensions on or not. Clients with naturally weaker lashes usually take supplements such as biotin to maintain lash health.  

Top - bottom: Day 1, Day 7 and Day 14

Update: I've noticed the lashes on my left side are slightly less full than the right but i'm almost certain this is to do with the fact that i sleep on the left so probably squish them in the night. Since realizing, i've been making a conscious effort to correct myself (better for the old spine any way) and i'm guessing it will even itself out now over time.

I should also note that most likely no one but myself or Kaye would notice this- haha.

As you can see from the photo above, the only noticeable difference is my blonde lashies growing in!

Hopefully this explained everything for those of you who were interested, if not please do leave any other questions below!


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  1. Would you still recommend extensions? Did they harm your real lashes? I know this is an old post but I gotta know if you're still into extensions :)