Mad For Matte

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Matte eyeshadow palettes are a dime a dozen but do any others cost $10? No good ones, anyway.

I mentioned this in my August Favorites video as well as demo'd it in this video but i thought you guys might like some close ups and swatches (my version of a swatch any way since i don't have much bare skin).

As you can see a few of the colors have some fall out (the ones that appear flaked on my fingers) but they apply beautifully to the lid over OCC's John Doe Creme Concentrate.

The closest thing i can think to compare it to is the Paula's Choice Matte Nudes palette but i think i might prefer this one for the color selection and packaging (this one is plastic where as the PC one is cardboard).

I wasn't expecting to love this palette as much as i have but i've been reaching for it every day. The streamline packaging, the pigment and the perfect mix of warm, neutral & cool tones makes this the perfect palette for me.

You can find this palette here for $10!


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  1. I checked on e.l.f.'s website and it says this palette contains Red 40 Lake in it, is that ingredient vegan?

    1. You can check here for info on elf being vegan-
      Red 40 Lake is derived from coal as far as i know but i'm sure a quick google would elaborate on that :)