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Monday, November 02, 2015

It wouldn't be World Vegan Month without me mentioning some of my favorite vegans, the first i'd like to introduce you to is Tashina of Logical Harmony.

I came across Logical Harmony early on in my cruelty free, vegan journey and its proved an invaluable resource still to this day. Not only do i find info on brands, animal testing policies and product reviews on LogicalHarmony.net but i'm lucky enough to have struck up a friendship with Tashina and often bounce ideas off her and ask for advice.

Logical Harmony as a website perfectly encompasses Tashina as a person; ethical, meticulous, welcoming and bright. You can read more about Logical Harmony here.

Tashina also has an amazing YouTube channel bringing you the best and latest vegan products along with tutorials and reviews galore.

Not only do Logical Harmony review products but they also approve brands as cruelty free and vegan in a comprehensive list.

Knowing how brands can sometimes be avoidant of actually answering questions on the topic, its such a relief to find a company who diligently research brands and approves them as cruelty free by some very high standards.

Rest assured, if its on Logical Harmony- its guilt free!

Check out Logical Harmony here and find their social media links below.

Instagram- @logicalharmony
Twitter- @logicalharmony
Facebook- logicalharmony
Youtube- logicalharmonydotnet


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  1. I am seriously so flattered to have a whole post dedicated to LH. You have no freaking idea! <3

  2. You both are The Shiz in my book!