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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Its not often i meet a company i love that supplies me with snacks and fashion, in fact... never. This never happens, so i figured i should share!

You can find everything mentioned on Love Goodly's website!

I'd been wanting to check out Deux Lux accessories for a while so i was pumped to finally get my hands on this! Its so beautifully made and the detailing is perfect. I'd definitely check out some of their other goodies after seeing this.

I love salty, savory, spicy snacks so these were awesome. Not too spicy but definitely had a little kick. I could easily devour the whole bag.

If something sweeter is your thing, these pumpkin seed bites were delicious. Their granola appearance definitely doesn't match its delightfully sweet and satisfying taste.

I'd like to buy a box of these. No, a pallet. These are thin and chewy but don't take 3 hours to chew through like some "chewy bars" can. It also wasn't too heavy going so one of these was the perfect satisfying snack. Sweet but not sickly... this was my favorite.

Banana bread is pretty much the only form in which i truly enjoy bananas so this was an awesome banana bread fix. The same as the apricot one; it was just the right amount of chewy goodness.

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