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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Since i'm still recovering from a cold and feeling ravenously hungry, i figured i'd show you some of my favorite places to order delicious vegan things online!

Thrive Market
This is a new one to me but wow, its cheap! Thrive Market offer  awesome options in food, beauty and home at wholesale prices. There is an annual membership fee of $59.95 but they also have a pretty awesome 30 day trial! (If you do decide to sign up for a paid membership, doing so via this link will get you 15% off)

You can even browse by your specific diet and they seriously have SO much there, its almost overwhelming.

The Herbivorous Butcher
This sister and brother duo create vegan meats from ribs to breakfast sausages and even full Thanksgiving options!
Although they don't deliver yet (to my knowledge), you can preorder online to pick up at one of their pop-up locations.

Miyoko's Creamery
I have mentioned Miyoko a few times before so i won't go into too much detail but she makes delicious, artisanal nut cheeses that are the perfect holiday treat. I used to be a bit of a cheese snob and these are better than any real cheese i've ever known.

Pangea- The Vegan Store
This is an awesome place to search out new things or even spy a vegan gift basket thats perfect as a little starter kit to get you going! I've ordered all sorts, from vegan shrimp to vitamins and more.

Maybe this is an obvious one but i love to take advantage of my Amazon Prime account (you can get a 30 day free trial here) at any opportunity so if i want bulk vegan items (milks or cans of fake tuna, for example), it works out well to order on Amazon for the cheap shipping and subscription options!

Share your favorite places to get vegan goodies below!


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  1. I really like Food Fight!

  2. You should check out Vitacost!!! https://goo.gl/SAoAje

    1. http://www.vitacost.com/?ISRC=Vitacost.comlogo:topnav

  3. Nice sites on the list, however what annoys me a little bit is that its always US based. What about the vegans in the rest of the world. Thrive market is great so is amazon prime, but they only ship to the states. I would love more posts about vegan food/snacks and cosmetics/make up that ships world wide :)

    1. No need to be annoyed, I'm sure Amazon will ship within your country. Alternatively you can always google what you're looking for followed by your country name; that's how I ship to friends and family abroad.

      Customs is the main issue and reason why foods don't often ship internationally so since I live in the US, those are the websites I'm trying and reviewing. You could find vegan bloggers in your country and ask for recommendations, I'm sure.

      -Rhian HY