Mental Health

Friday, November 27, 2015

1 in 4 adults are affected by mental illness. I think its time to break the stigma around something so many people suffer in silence with.

You can find the Q&A portion here...

My Cyclothymia Experience -


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your struggle. This video brought me to tears because the pain of feeling so heavy and low is far too familiar. I myself have dealt with bouts of severe panic disorder, agoraphobia and depression. At the moment I mostly feel fine and that really is the best feeling. I do live with the fear that any moment I will lose control and the anxiety is always there lurking but I've found ways to fight it and cope and I try to focus on the relief I currently feel. Mental illness runs in my family both my grandmother and mother have suffered with anxiety and depression so fortunately I have had a lot of support but I realize that is not the case for everyone so again I want to thank you for sharing and normalizing this because it's not always the people you think that suffer and I think people assume if you are beautiful and have a nice life that it's just being spoiled to feel depressed and anxious but it really is a chemical imbalance that can happen to anyone and I try not to feel guilty or blame myself when my mind plays tricks on me. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate you xx

    1. Thank you for sharing that Emily!
      I can definitely empathize with that feeling of anxiety at your brain flipping out at any moment. It seems you have good coping skills/support so just try and focus on that when you get anxious about the future... its so great to hear you have a wonderful support system <3