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Friday, November 13, 2015

Maybe some of you are getting bored of all the skincare posts i've been making but i know a lot of you are just as big skincare junkies as me soooo... allow me to continue enabling you.

I've had the pleasure of trying out some Thesis products lately so thought i'd share my thoughts and also mayyybe theres a little giveaway going on, i couldn't possibly say.

Thesis is a line of eco-friendly and vegan skincare, hair care and candles made with the purest botanical ingredients. The first time i smelled their rosemary & citrus makeup remover, i knew we might fall in love.

When i'm trying out new skincare, especially when its a full line of products, i like to use them in what i like to call "facial style".
"Well, obviously you'd use them on your face, Rhian..,", you might be thinking. What i mean, though is that i really take the time to use and apply the products similarly to how it feels when you go and pay for a facial. I like to follow the directions to a tee and really take my time. I think it gives me a better idea of the products as well as taking the extra time to do things properly makes it feel like a treat.

I started off with their makeup remover, per their instructions i moistened one of my Marley's Monsters bamboo rounds with a little water then used a pump of the makeup remover to start removing my eye makeup. It made really easy work of it since one of its main ingredients is jojoba oil which is what i'd usually use for eye makeup removal.

The other way that i used this was to rub it into a dry, made up face and then remove with a damp washcloth, oil cleaning style. Either way works beautifully and removes makeup gently and effectively without drying skin.

They also suggest you try dampening the cotton/bamboo pad with their toner before applying the makeup remover to your face and i LOVED this method. Something about their makeup remover/toner combo is just delightful. I think the toner alone would be an awesome option for anyone with very greasy skin or breakout-prone areas. I spritz a little on my face when i need a pick me up!

Next up was their foaming face wash, which might be my favorite of the lot. I used this in conjunction with my mini spinbrush and its silicone head. The combination of the two gave me that "just had a facial" glowing smooth skin that felt squeaky clean but not stripped. My pores appeared smaller and, god damn i felt great about my face after using it!

Although it is foaming, it doesn't contain any synthetics or harsh detergents so it harnesses the power of its organic ingredients without the downfall of them being suspended in chemicals to produce a foam. The foam is fairly fine and slinky and not really like anything i've used before.

I finished my at-home Thesis facial off with a pump of their face serum pressed into my skin and after a few nights of use i noticed it definitely helped relieve the dry skin around my nose i've had with this head-cold. It is for dry skin so i don't think i could use this regularly since i am greasy in areas but for times when my skin is dry and suffering, its perfect!

Now, like i mentioned, i do have a giveaway going on with Thesis right now where you can win my favorite product from them so head on over to my Instagram to enter if you're interested in trying out their yummy products!


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