Real Techniques Brow Set

Monday, February 22, 2016

In today's video i'm testing out the Real Techniques Brow Set! It contains 3 brushes, 2 tweezers and a case to store it all in.

Slanted Brow Spoolie

  • Takes a while to comb full brows into shape with this since its tiny but anyone with finer brows would probably enjoy it for this.
  • Awesome to comb color through and blend product out because you can be so precise.
  • Angled handle doesn't change the use of this too much so its easy to work with.

Slanted Brow Brush

  • Average size brush in itself with angled handle.
  • Soft, dense bristles pick up a good amount of product and blend it out well both with powders and creams.
  • I found the angle to be difficult to work with on my non-dominant handed side as well as if i wanted to turn the brush upside down to use on the inner part of my brows.
  • Probably easier to use if you're not already used to using a "normal" brush without the angle.
Slanted Arch Definer
  • I wasn't entirely sure of the purpose of this brush but it did work well to carve the underside of my brows out with a little concealer.
  • If you didn't have much brow and wanted to trace out the rough shape first, i do think this could be helpful to you!
  • Great to clean up with or add a little highlighter under the arch.
  • Both very precise and easy to use, a great addition to anyones beauty tools.
  • The angled pair is similar to the Anastasia angled tweezer and the pointed pair is similar to a Tweezerman pair i used to have.

Overall, a good kit. I think it might be easier to work with if you're just starting out and don't already have your preference in brushes decided since i'm so used to working with straight handled brushes.

If you already have similar brushes/tools in your kit that you love, you might not find this kit as useful but for anyone just starting out or wanting to get to grips with brows, i think this would be awesome.

You can find the brow set here!
Don't forget, you can usually find Ulta on Ebates too so you can get cash back on your purchases. 


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