Purifying Skincare

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

For those of us with combination/oily skin who also have anti-aging concerns, it can be tough to find products to treat both. Let me show you some of my faves, including the most goth facial scrub ever.

Derma E boast that their Purifying range is "...like a deep detox program to cleanse and reboot skin every day so it glows with pure health...", and thats pretty much how i'd describe it too.

I've mentioned loving their charcoal mask before so i was excited to try other products from the range.

I've been pretty excited to get to this part; imagine that a certain famous apricot scrub had a goth sister and you have this scrub summed up. Well, okay theres more to it than that but honestly i just can't stop looking at it when i squeeze some out on my hand.

It has this sort of pearlescent grey appearance so perhaps its more alien than goth but its beautiful regardless. The flecks of apricot seed you can see give a gentle, yet effective exfoliation while a blend of magical seaweeds, charcoal and green tea help to detox and oxygenate the skin as you massage it in.

Seriously, tell me thats not one beautiful scrub?

Some other items from the range i've been loving are their Purifying Toner Mist and Purifying Youth Serum. The toner appeals to me because its a mist so i can just spray it on lazily AND it leaves my skin feeling firm and toned; its a win-win.

Their serum is also awesome because of the beautiful finish it leaves behind which is perfect for makeup along with the fact that it addresses my anti-aging concerns and protects from free radical damage. Try using this once beneath makeup and i'm sure you'll be a fan too!

I'd definitely recommend this line if you have any breakouts, environmental damage or anti-aging concerns.


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