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Monday, April 18, 2016

Mondays are typically my video posting days but i couldn't go without mentioning some of my top pics from the Marimekko range at Target so today is officially a 2 for 1 blog day!

For those who don't know, Marimekko is a Finnish design house known for their bold, distinctive prints on both fabrics and homewares. The area i live in has more than fifty times the proportion of Finnish Americans than the rest of the nation so you'll find a lot of Marimekko in this area which is not cheap by any means, so i was excited to see them partner with Target to bring Marimekko to everyone at a very reasonable price!

These are a few of my top picks of what Target has to offer and i'm guessing these pieces will sell out FAST!

I adore this little bamboo serving set and between the bamboo accents and neat organized appeal, i love that it has an air of bento box about it.

Of course you can separate the pieces and use them separately, also.

You can find it here for $29.99

Those of you who've seen glimpses of our kitchenwares will know i'm a big fan of carafes, not only how they look but i'm also a hydration obsessive so its nice to have A LOT of water with me.

I love that this set is plastic so it would be perfect for entertaining outside in the summer. Fill it with water or maybe some Pimms or other fruity drinks!

You can find it here for $24.99

Following on from entertaining outside, this bold set of reversible placemats would also be a beautiful accent to both outdoor and indoor dining.

Have them all matching or switch it up and turn some over, either way they are both bold and simplistic.

You can find them here for $19.99 for 4

This lounge mat is perfect for lounging on the beach or even taking out onto your lawn for a little lay down amongst nature.

It also folds up into a neat little package so you can easily store it in your car for an impromptu lay down!

You can find it here for $64.99

Speaking of the beach, this round (yes, ROUND) beach towel really just appeals to me for some reason.

I've seen plenty of fancy round beach towels on instagram but they're usually from Australia so i was super excited to see our beautiful Target has one also.

You can find it here for $29.99

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If any of you have picked up any Marimekko bits, i'd love to hear what you got and how you liked it!!

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