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Monday, April 18, 2016

Heres how i do my "minimal effort for maximum effect" makeup for day-to-day!

Foundation Stick - http://bit.ly/1VntNRp 
Concealer Drops - http://bit.ly/1RVUxWJ 
Bronze/Highlight Palette - http://bit.ly/1Xs1xis 
Blush Pot - http://bit.ly/20Ef44s 
Brow Gel - http://bit.ly/1qroDHg 
Brow Pen - http://bit.ly/23xFj1C 
Setting Powder - http://bit.ly/1SNUfO2 
Eyeshadow Palette - http://bit.ly/1T4f7G2 
Nude Liner - http://bit.ly/1RVWcf4 
Lip Gloss - http://bit.ly/1Vf92Y6 
PV setting spray - http://bit.ly/1V3E4Ck 

Foundation Brush - http://bit.ly/23HGJTS 
Under-eye Brush - http://bit.ly/1SizcqZ  
Bronzing Brush - http://bit.ly/1qadudT 
Eye/Highlight Brush - http://bit.ly/1RtR65f 
Fluffy Face Brush - http://bit.ly/23xGwG5 
Smudger Brush - http://bit.ly/1VnvI8y 

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