My First Month With The Diva Cup

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
This month i tried out the Diva Cup on the recommendation of you babes so let me tell you what i thought... in depth. Like, maybe too much depth.

This is where i bought mine from, my Yoni Stone (kegel egg) post is here and you can see my post with helpful tips for during your period here.


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  1. I love my cup! I swear it has improved my flow... Normally mine is 7 days, it's now down to about 5. I started using it 7 months ago. My period is completely different than the days of using tampons. Not only is it eco friendly, it is also better for you. I feel SO much safer and healthier.
    This certainly takes practice, and getting used to. But, being an adult woman now (27) I am not squeamish about my period like I was 10 years ago. I would have said HELL NO to using a cup, even just 2 years ago! Yes you come in contact with your flow, yes you have to clean it, yes you have to be mature about it.
    I changed my mind after reading about the model who lost hands and feet from TSS. I immediately ordered my cup. I never touched a tampon again. I will of course use a tampon IF I ABSOLUTELY MUST AND I HAVE NO CHOICE.
    Personally, of course, this works incredibly well for ME. I will NOT shame anyone about pads/tampons.
    But I definitely encourage being safe!

  2. Wow I had one but didn't like it :( I only used it for 2 cycles because it was leaking, even after I changed it. maybe I'll give it another go.