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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Many of you have probably seen me mention this towel on my Instagram but after completing their #3HAB challenge, i figured it was time for an update!

You've probably all heard of hair-specific towels that promise to dry your hair faster, i for one have had several over the years but until i tried Aquis, i guess i'd never truly noticed any difference between hair towels and regular towels besides their weight.

After my first time throwing my hair up in the Aquis towel straight out the shower, i noticed that the roots of my hair were just as dry as the ends when i let my hair down. Generally i've found other hair towels might dry the ends faster but they never really got to the roots of my hair and that area remained very damp. Each time i used it i really noticed that my hair was just a little damp throughout and was very evenly dried.

Another wonderful thing i've noticed after using the Aquis towel is that its MUCH easier for me to achieve volume. I just round brush the top few pieces (see which hair tools i use here) and the offshoot from the hairdryer has dried the rest in the process. Again, this isn't something i've experienced with other hair towels and the fact that i have the hair of a baby usually means any volume i can achieve is gone very quickly.
This makes it easier to achieve, last longer and for some reason i've found i'm able to go 1 day longer between washes (my theory is the added volume means my hair can't get slicked to my scalp so easily).

Now i've covered the functionality of it, can we take a moment to appreciate that its not hideous? I've had hair towels before that just do not look nice hanging on your towel rail where as these are beautifully simple and sleek. The packaging also comes with an orange loop through it which is.... a hair tie! Genius.

Like i said, i do have the hair of a baby so those of you with lusciously thick locks are probably wondering if it would work for you. While the towel i use is aimed at "normal" hair, they also have a Waffle Luxe towel especially for those of you with thicker hair since its increased surface area provides even more moisture-wicking absorption!

Now i've totally fallen in love with the product i plan on picking up their fancy spa-esque headband and a couple of their Waffle Luxe body towels which look perfect for the beach or drying off after a hot tub!

I love that i can wrap my wet hair up in this straight out of the shower, grab some breakfast and do my makeup and by the time i take my hair down, i just need about 5-10 min with a round brush and i'm good to go and have volume that lasts... I think you'll love it too.

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