Lily Lolo Sculpt & Glow

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Personally, i'd have named this the "cutey contour" because of its size but i guess Lily Lolo had other ideas. Let me show you what i thought of this little duo...

We all know i love a good 2-in-1 so when i saw Lily Lolo had one and the colors looked gorgeous, i grabbed one for myself.

The Contour Duo retails for $26 and comes in the tiniest little package, perfect for an easy travel glow or touch ups through out the day.

The bronzer is the perfect shade for contouring and bronzing (bronzouring?) in one swoop and makes for very easy application. I use it on my trusty Eco Tools Stippling Brush and swirl around my hair line, cheeks and jaw line then use a little on an eyeshadow brush to contour my nose!

The highlight is a beautiful slightly cooler-than-usual champagne and looks gorgeous on the high points of the face. I've even used it when i'm not wearing other makeup to get a bit of a glow when i'm feeling flat. You can built it up from a subtle glow like i have in the picture above right the way up to a bright glow more similar to what you can see when i swatched on my finger.

Overall i'm really glad i picked this up, not only for its slimline shape but because the products are just incredible and so easy to use.

What are your favorite Lily Lolo items?

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  1. Hi, just having a hard time using your affiliate links

    1. I just checked them and they seem to be working okay now! They should just take you direct to the product linked :)