Wavy Hair Routine

Monday, May 23, 2016
Heres a quick video on how i prep and style my hair to get these beachy waves!

Uma hair oil massaged into the scalp the night before - http://bit.ly/21h0QGU 
Pacifica Kale Conditioner - http://bit.ly/1TuUhig 
Pacifica Kale Shampoo, finished with a cold rinse - http://bit.ly/1TuTWfD  
Native flower oil through the mid lengths and ends - http://bit.ly/1qz0oX7 
Wrap hair up in my aquis towel - http://bit.ly/1WGGTul 

Pacifica ginger root sprayed into roots - http://bit.ly/1qz0NZO 
Giovanni avocado spray in ends - http://bit.ly/1qz192o 
Brush with eco tools brush - http://bit.ly/1TuVg1W 
Dry bar hair dryer - http://bit.ly/1qz0XjO 
Pacifica dragon tamer serum - http://bit.ly/1qz1baL 
Drybar round brush - http://bit.ly/1TuVdmS 
Drybar clips - http://bit.ly/1qz1dzm 
Drybar curling iron 1” - http://bit.ly/1TuUMZS 
Drybar triple sec - http://bit.ly/1qz1bYi 

If you wanna see someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to blow outs - https://youtu.be/p5C5b0ARAu4

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